Vacancies at Cyberworkplace

Cyberworkplace is expanding and we are looking for two (!) New members to join our General Board.
So are you passionate about cybersecurity and the possibilities that it offers? Do you want to contribute to a digital secure world (for just a couple of hours a week) or a fast-growing international community?

So how about it? Become a member of the General Board! A management fee is part of the deal to compensate for your time and as a thank you for sharing your knowledge.
More info? Drop us a message at

We are also looking for an  intern  to assist us with the execution of our upcoming projects. Working under the supervision of our project manager Nasya.
Duration: 4-6 months / 3 days a week
More info? Contact

About the Cyberworkplace
A non-profit initiative that helps reduce the current shortage of cybersecurity experts in the labor market and provides much-needed 21st-century skills to vulnerable young people (dropouts/ gamers/students, who lack practical experience in their study programs).


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